Linver Insights's "Asia Pacific CREC Forum" provides a very good platform which can gather all experts of commercial real estate industry chain in Asia Pacific region.
Very honered to be invited by Linver Insights and CCREA. The forum is effectively organized, contained fruitful contents and large benefits!
-- Shanghai Industrial Holdings Limited
Thanks to Linver Insights, that provides more interactive opportunities for us and owners!
-- The Jerde Partnership
I think this commercial real estate cooperation forum is a very good platform for us to find much better opportunity to communicate with developers and operators.
-- IFCA Consulting Group
We see our partners and potential clients all-in-one this forum, It's beneficial to learn regulation trends and case studies in this industry.
-- Dong Yuan Real Estate
"The 2nd Asia Pacific CREC Forum" is a real banquet focusing on intergrating, innovation, humanity and consistency!
-- Beijing HM Commercial Real Estate Investment Management
It's very interesting to hear about excited story here, very useful to our architect.
-- IMG3
Professional and well-organized, very good topic and valuable information
-- Zendai Group
Panel discussion and interactive networking is the highlight, very practical content and hot discussion.
-- SRE
It's not only a conference, but a very good platform for us professional peers to share and communicate.
-- Eastwill Group
Well organized event, including high quality keynote, panel, group discussion, really got lots of valuable information.
-- Mingfa Group
A very interesting network and experience sharing platform for us to hear from other professionals, to get in-depth insight, very helpful.
-- SOM
A well-organized event! Each delegate is very active, and the speech content is very rich. The organizer invited different professionals, very representative. Actually Tier 2 and 3 the elementary step of urban development, also is where commercial real estate lacks. I strongly agree that you would do more forums and events in Tier 2 or 3 cities, thus more developers will step into low tier cities, put more emphasis in this field, also to activate the commercial property industry climate.
-- Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, PRC
I think this event is a much better platform for all the attendees to network with. Delegates from government, industrial corporations, and institutes/academies, are all present at the event, wish to have more such kind of event in the future.
-- AYD Group
This event is good, with many real estate developers, design institutes, also suppliers and planners, I think it would be better to have more data analysis in next event.
-- Capital Group
We feel so glad to participate in this event to acquaint and communicate with many top-level clients, even know more about each other's businesses and demands, to find more cooperation partners.
-- Behrenhans Landscape Designing & Engineering
We feel so honored to attend this event organized by Linver Insights. This kind of forum is one of our main channels to acquire marketing information, network and exchange high quality resources with peers. Feel so regretful that our other members of the board cannot come, but they are certain to attend next time.
-- Skyline Architecture + Engineering
The level of attendees from shopping malls and real estate developers is very high, some of them are who we would like to acquaint with, like Sun Hung Kai Properties, CRVanguard, GOME, and some other developers in Tier 2 Cities.
-- ShopperTrak RCT & Engineering
Many thanks for you to organize 2011 Asia Pacific Commercial Real Estate Cooperation Forum. Through this platform, we also wish that you could recommend us to some large-scale developers, especially for those who would like to put emphasis on HOPSCA.
-- SCN Design & Construction
I think this event provide a very good network platform for developers, architects, design institute, and some other relevant parties in this value chain, also opportunity for us to learn a lot.
-- Perkowitz & Ruth Architects
Overall compact arrangement, a certain depth of content, it's a good platform for us! Hope the theme of the presentation can be allocated from shallow to deep next time. Wish to see Linver Insights' next summit!
-- Vanke