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WDCE is a design company with global perspectives and international teams. With more than 800 designers, its headquarter is located in Beijing. WDCE has Grade A qualifications in both planning design and architecture design. WDCE’s business includes urban planning and design, architectural design, interior design, business planning and industrial planning. It is known for its designs of urban complexes, industrial parks and quality residential buildings.
The completed urban complexes are all over China, for example, in San Litun, the gold business district in Beijing, there is the Shi Mao Gong San where many commercial centers, high-grade foreign apartments and office buildings are located. Other industrial city complex projects include the CapitaLand shopping mall on the West Chang An Avenue, the typical commercial complex in Chang Yang, Beijing (VanKe) and Xie Xin Tian Di, the ecological shopping mall in the Bei Daning business district in Shang Hai. The Ding Xiu Mei Quan town in outskirts of Beijing is one of WDCE’s preventative projects, boasting an immersing commercial environment and a better experience.
WDCE has a specialized and professional business architectural designing team, focusing on designs of city complexes and other commercial businesses. The team is led by a veteran architect of 20 years experience, who had worked as design director for Callison and NBBJ USA. In Seattle, an ex-business-partner of Callison helps WDCE guarantee the quality of commercial projects.
WDCE is looking forward to providing you with bespoke services to create successful and vanguard projects.
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East China Architectural Design & Research Institute (ECADI):
Affiliated to Shanghai Xiandai Architectural Design Group, East China Architectural Design & Research Institute (ECADI) is one of China's most influential architectural design institutions. Over the years, ECADI has designed projects for provinces and cities nationwide, and dozens of countries and regions as well. We have completed over 10,000 design and consulting projects, and cultivated many outstanding experts and talents including academicians and national design masters.
With close attention on and in-depth understanding of the design industry, ECADI has integrated and enhanced high-end and core competitiveness of different specialties and special technologies. Based on differentiated needs of customers, ECADI is committed to customizing excellent design products. ECADI is dedicated to enhancing high-end market share and reputation, thus establishing a benchmark for China's proprietary brands.
GDF DESIGN GROUP is an international architecture firm headquartered in UK in 2005, established its branch in HK, Beijing and Shanghai, active in Asia for 10 years with a proven expertise in urban planning, architecture, landscape and interior design. With its incomparably formidable creativity and design concept , GDF is fully committed to providing innovative design that achieve maximum commercial value for our clients.
Thanks to its outstanding achievement in such areas as commercial building, hotel, corporate headquarter, high-end residential building and individualized development projects, and many times winning awards and bidding in the national mega complex projects, GDF has evolved as the preferred designer for developers engaged in such areas. Good use of a combination of international forward-looking design concept and China's practice, GDF can provide professional consulting services in concept planning and design, individual building design, interior design and project implementation for real estate companies in China.
OPPLE Lighting:
Founded in 1996, OPPLE Lighting is a comprehensive lighting enterprise integrated with research and development, production and sales. After 17 years of development, the company has over 6,000 existing employees, Shanghai Headquarters and several production bases such as Zhongshan Industrial Park, Wujiang Industrial Park, etc. The company's products cover LED lighting, traditional lighting, electronics, lamps, lighting control, etc. As a leading turnkey lighting solution provider in China lighting industry, OPPLE Lighting is dedicated to the research of the reasonable lighting use, but also provides consumers with considerate products and varied turnkey lighting solutions as well as other specialized supporting service so as to fully improve the user experience. For different occasions, OPPLE can provide lighting to satisfy human physiological and psychological needs at different times and in different spaces.
Zebra Technologies Corporation:
Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ:ZBRA) builds identification and tracking technology that generates actionable information and insight, giving companies unprecedented visibility into their businesses by giving physical things a digital voice.
Zebra’s extensive portfolio of solutions give real-time visibility into everything from products and physical assets to people, providing very precise operational data not only about where things are, but what condition they are in. This allows business leaders to use data to make better, more informed decisions, respond in real-time and ultimately, help businesses understand how they work, and how they could work better.
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IMG3 :
IMG3 Architectural Landscape Planning and Design consultancy focuses on creating atmospheres of exquisite detail, Initially formed in London we have always given attention to the design trends of the Asia Pacific region and in 2007 established an independent legal partner agency in Shanghai, China. Since, we have been committed to providing customers the best international design trends and look to provide the most professional and thoughtful design throughout the whole scene of marketing and consulting services, Our services include: real estate marketing planning, landscape planning and design, decoration and landscape revitalization. We believe and practice the Marketing Design (Profitable Landscape Design) philosophy and continuously work this idea into various types of landscape experience marketing programs.
Shenyang Yuanda Aluminium Industry Engineering Co.,Ltd:
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Knight Frank :
Knight Frank is a global real estate consultancy with an integrated prime commercial and residential offering, operating in key hubs across the globe.
Headquartered in London with 335 offices in 52 countries, employing more than 12,000 professionals and spanning six continents, Knight Frank provides the highest standards of quality and integrity in global residential and commercial property advisory services. Our reputation for uncompromising professionalism in everything we do is earned by serving our clients and earning their trust.
Knight Frank has a presence in the Greater China property market since 1972, with offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, Macau and Taipei, offering high quality professional advice and solutions across a comprehensive portfolio of property services. We promote progressive growth through a strong corporate culture, helping us to recruit and retain the best people.
Advising clients ranging from individual private investors, clients and homeowners to major developers and investors, we put teamwork, innovation and our passion for property at the heart of everything we do, striving to go the extra mile to exceed our clients' expectations.
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Pesch & Partner:
Pesch & Partner, Architects and Urban Planners, based in Herdecke and Stuttgart, was founded in 1982, which is now the second largest office specializing in planning and design in Germany. Professor Pesch, as the founder, is dean of Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Stuttgart and doctoral supervisor. His partners are Horst Schoenweitz, Gerold Kalkowski-Buechter and Frank Boberg, all being engineers with Master's degrees. The team is composed of excellent designers engaging in architecture, urban and regional planning, landscape and graphic design. Under the historical and cultural backgrounds of traditional European urban architecture, the company provides the staff with a work stage where they take up challenging tasks of modern architecture and urban planning. Since 2003, the company has won more than 50 biddings in planning projects in Europe and in the USA. In China, German senior architectural planners have worked together with our Chinese planners, whose Doctoral degrees earned in Germany to participate in several large planning and design tasks. The works have been highly appreciated in the industry.
Schüco – System solutions for windows, doors and façades:
Together with its worldwide network of partners, architects, specifiers and investors, Schüco creates sustainable building envelopes that focus on people and their needs in harmony with nature and technology. Windows, doors and façade solutions from Schüco meet the highest requirements in terms of design, comfort and security, whilst simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions through energy efficiency, thereby conserving natural resources. The company and its Metal and PVC-U divisions deliver tailored products for newbuilds and renovations, designed to meet individual user needs in all climate zones. Everyone involved is supported with a comprehensive range of services at every stage of the construction process. With 4800 employees and 12,000 partner companies, Schüco is active in more than 80 countries and achieved a turnover of 1.5 billion euros in 2013. For more information, visit
Lacime Architectural Design:
Lacime Architectural Design upheld the architectural philosophy "Simplify complicated material" since it was established in Shanghai. The name "Lacime" was given by founder Song Zhaoqing. It comes from French which means"peak"and express the aim to design first-class architecture work. After 13 years'development, we have over 300 architects and rich experience in the large projects in china and overseas. We actively participate in the residential, commercial, cultural, tourism and various type of work, aiming to cultivate local talents, integrate elite design team and provide best solutions to the clients.
场脉建筑设计(上海)有限公司由总部位于美国洛杉矶的CDI创意国际设计集团 Creative Design International, Inc.在中国创立, 是具有世界顶级水平的综合性设计公司。公司创始人之一郑灿先生曾任体验式设计创始者美国捷得国际建筑师事务所洛杉矶总部副总裁,总设计师, 设计足迹跨越了欧洲、亚洲、美洲、中东及澳洲,并且主持和参与了捷得事务所近年来在中国最重大的城市综合体项目设计。秉承场所创造的设计理念,设计团队汇集了世界顶级的建筑, 规划和景观设计经验, 将商业,娱乐,酒店,办公,居住和文化的功能完美融合,同时注重景观设计对于场所的重要作用,实现建筑,自然和人文的结合,创造新型的城市和度假综合体。
上海安达通信息安全技术股份有限公司是一家专注于商业WIFI领域的优秀公司。作为上海最出色的商业WLAN解决方案的供应商,安达通为商场、商圈提供一整套个性化智能商业WIFI运营方案。通过I’M WIFI构架系统+LOCSA(LOCAL SERVICE应用服务),安达通可为商场、SHOPING MALL、商圈提供消费大数据搜集、分析和O2O应用等综合运营服务,让传统百货在互联网时代焕发出新的光芒。目前安达通已经与上海70多家购物中心建立合作关系,签约客户包括东方明珠、徐家汇商城集团、百联集团、好乐迪KTV等近百家知名企业。
益博睿FootFall拥有20多年客流统计丰富经验,是全球零售业的情报专家。 迄今为止,我们已经为上千家全球零售商和商场主们提供了多渠道的零售数据,有效协助商家做出明确的决策,帮助他们挖掘了潜在的行业商机,从而大大提高了客户的销售额和利润率。 益博睿是著名的全球信息服务集团,益博睿FootFall作为集团的重要组成部分,是欧洲,亚洲和美洲零售商和商场主们值得信耐的商业顾问。我们和国际著名品牌一起工作,为品牌商提供高效地分析报告。
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Henry Group :
Henry Group, after over 20 years of hard efforts and exploration, has developed into a diversified multinational group with rich experience and competitive advantage in multiple professional domains including immigration and oversea education services, real estate development in North America, real estate fund investment, overseas investment and property purchase, Sino-US cultural exchanges, overseas business consulting, etc. It advocates a new model of studying abroad — Go to the elite university with a green card; and together with Greenland Group, it has initiated a new “immigration real estate” mode. With more than 50 global branches directly subordinate to Henry Group, it is able to provide clients with all-round services of oversea residency, investment and property purchase.
Bosch Group:
The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. In 2013, its roughly 281,000 associates generated sales of 46.1 billion euros. (NB: Due to a change in accounting policies, the 2013 figures can only be compared to a limited extent with the 2012 figures). Its operations are divided into four business sectors: Automotive Technology, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. The Bosch Group comprises Robert Bosch GmbH and its more than 360 subsidiaries and regional companies in some 50 countries. If its sales and service partners are included, then Bosch is represented in roughly 150 countries. This worldwide development, manufacturing, and sales network is the foundation for further growth.
In 2013, the Bosch Group invested some 4.5 billion euros in research and development and applied for some 5,000 patents. This is an average of 20 patents per day. The Bosch Group’s products and services are designed to fascinate, and to improve the quality of life by providing solutions which are both innovative and beneficial. In this way, the company offers technology worldwide that is “Invented for life.”
Additional information can be accessed at,
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Leading the industry of offline business data analytics in China, WINNER Technology commits to the data visualization of the physical business and their target customers. Based on the People Counting System for the mall business, WINNER Technology's products and solutions have taken a great extension, involving Video-based Intelligent Parking, Car Finding, Wi-Fi Perception and Positioning, Remote Store Patrol, and Shopping Guidance, etc., all applied to realize precise marketing and shopping experience improvement.
Headquartered in Shanghai, WINNER Technology has eight branch offices, three R&D centers and 60-odd service points nationwide, with over 300 employees in 340 plus cities providing professional data analytics service to over 800 well-known shopping centers and 12,000 brand chain stores.
Facilitate the technology innovation for offline smart shopping, and establish the physical business data platform.
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Kingbond :
As one of the most professional wine service providers, Kingbond is your ideal business partner in China. We play as the bridge between overseas winery and Chinese wine distributors and traders. Our aim is to simplify the wine supply chain and lower the middle cost by one-stop service (Nationwide Distribution, Integrated Marketing, Bonded Exhibition, Logistics, Import Agency, Value-added Service) as well as help overseas winery quickly find out the best way to enter into China market. At the same time, our effective facilities and bonded showcase room are the ideal platform for your product display and trading.